My first smartphone?

I was way behind my peers when it came to owning expensive technology. When everyone had a texter phone, I had the house phone. When everyone had the Iphone 3, I had a tracphone. Being lower middle class in an area where everyone is rich a sucks. You have to save up money for years just to buy something that will be out of style by the time you get it. It sucks, but it also helps you appreciate the things you have more. It isn’t until the summer of 14′ that I got a smartphone. I remember unpacking my LG Optimus F3 and looking at it in all its affordable glory. Just having the phone wasn’t enough however, I spent the next week looking for new apps and ringtones and wallpapers.

Man, to finally have one of these things that everyone is always talking about. Those perfect distractions that allow people to avoid eye contact and social interaction. The things that can harbor any kind of app you can imagine to make your life easier. Yes, the joy of a smartphone.

The best thing about having one is the ability to take decent picture wherever you go. It’s fantastic! And the thing that makes it even more fantastic is…


IMG_20140630_172405 IMG_20140702_124036 IMG_20140824_184520

My God, being a narcissist is easier than ever before! Now I don’t have to put in time and effort to write a blog about myself, or talk about myself in person! It’s perfect. It’s genius. It’s INSTAGRAM.

Sorry, this is probably old new to every single person reading this blog entry, but I’m still excited a year later. Unfortunately, me and my LG F3 are soon to part ways. It’s less-than-optimal internal storage is beginning to become a burden. I bid you farewell phone. I hope the cousin that I give you to takes good care of you.


Forever ago

I’ve been slacking off on this blog lately. So much has been happening in my life that I could have posted here! Two entire semesters of college and no blogging? This is a tragedy. This is inexcusable. This summer will be the summer where I put my insecurities to rest, pick up my keyboard, and write like this is my last summer on earth.


Wow it’s been a while

So a lot has happened. 

And I mean a lot.

Yet still I didn’t write in my blog.

The first week that I didn’t write I simply didn’t have any new ideas. I thought about writing about my chosen college, but then who would care right? The next week I thought about a cool comparison topic. How EDM is like graphic design. I formulated my ideas for a week and then decided to hold that entry for another time. The next week I completed two different photography projects that I wanted to write about. Time just got away from me, you know *cough* *cough* laziness *cough*.

Then more time passed, a bunch of things happened, and here I am. Writing about how I should have been writing.

I should just keep up with this blog the way I wanted to. I shouldn’t care whether or not people want to read it because I created this to be like a journal of experiences that relate to my future career. If I keep that in mind I should be fine. It’s all about motivation and perseverance…right?

Okay random piece of news. I’ve chosen West Chester University as my school- Go Rams!- and I’ve decide to change my major.

Instead of a boring BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design…


Drum roll please


…I’m going to major with a BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design AND a BS in computer science!



Web Design is Not for the Weary

Web design is easier than it looks.

Until about five minutes later, when it turns into quantum physics.

Everything could be going smoothly but in just a few short minutes it feels like the internet broke.

I tried creating a homepage slideshow in CSS. Well, who knew the animations and key frames wouldn’t work AT ALL.

I know that it is preferable to use JavaScript for something like this, but I am not well versed in that area yet.

Then again…I’m not well versed in web design period(.)

Ha. Me and my first world problems.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 8.37.29 AM

Absolute Zero

I was working on a Gravity Parody for my Television Productions class and let’s just say the results are much less than favorable. It’s so awful that I almost couldn’t turn it in. Lost nearly half of my footage and the quality of the Photoshop documents somehow decreased. WHAT THE WHAT! Just…no. I know people say that you should never turn in something that you are not proud of, but when you are a high-school student pressed on time the quality is sometimes tossed onto the back burner.

ABC Food Photoshoot

So there were quite a few things I had to do to complete this project. First, gathering the food was a hassle. I decided to create my masterpiece with all healthy foods. Which I quickly learned was a mistake since they tend to lack color.



My other mistake was lighting and the choice of plates. The light gave off a ghastly yellow hue, and the glow of the lamp was noticeably reflected in the picture. I did, however, try to change the lighting until I got something was at least easy to look at.



What I did do right was put in the effort. The result may not be as professional as I would like it to be, but I am still new to the concept of lighting, or at least artificial lighting. I used my creative skills to peace together something that I can ultimately be proud of.


Of course at the end of my work I made a salad out of almost all of the items that I used (this picture was taken near the beginning of the process, the salad I actually ate looked inedible). It was possibly the strangest tasting thing I’ve ever had. Every bite had an explosion of flavors, every bite was different. Thinking back on it- I have no clue how I ate that thing.


Every year I chill with my family on new year’s eve. I have a cup of sparkling grape juice bubbling in one hand, and a list of goals in the other. I count down the minutes watching the extravagant fuss taking place in time square. It just so happened that this year would end in a 14. This is the year that will end up on my diploma. I’m almost done. I soon have the freedom to reinvent myself. Of course, I must be realistic. Looking back on the past, I don’t know…forever, most people have had trouble holding on to their resolutions. Some people even make one solitary resolution and don’t keep that. I mean how many of us can honestly say that we’ve done everything that was on our list? So how will I make this year different? I know…I’m going to start a blog.

Yes I have created blogs before (all of which I have abandoned), but this one will be different. I will make it about topic that I love. Something that can be informative, entertaining and enriching. Design. Now I am no expert, lets get that fact straight. I am an almost high school graduate, almost college freshmen with only four years of Adobe software skills under my belt. This blog is not exactly meant for tutorials, unless I just feel like making one. It is about the journey and all who want to go on the journey with me. It’s about epiphanies and questions and experiences. I am traveling a path that so many others are trying to take, but finding hidden routes and dirt roads that will take me somewhere awesome. The blog is for people, like me, who want to paint the future on a canvas made of pixels and code. Well, I started to get fancy there. Maybe I should tone it down a little. Here is my blog,
get ready to see the awesomeness.