Every year I chill with my family on new year’s eve. I have a cup of sparkling grape juice bubbling in one hand, and a list of goals in the other. I count down the minutes watching the extravagant fuss taking place in time square. It just so happened that this year would end in a 14. This is the year that will end up on my diploma. I’m almost done. I soon have the freedom to reinvent myself. Of course, I must be realistic. Looking back on the past, I don’t know…forever, most people have had trouble holding on to their resolutions. Some people even make one solitary resolution and don’t keep that. I mean how many of us can honestly say that we’ve done everything that was on our list? So how will I make this year different? I know…I’m going to start a blog.

Yes I have created blogs before (all of which I have abandoned), but this one will be different. I will make it about topic that I love. Something that can be informative, entertaining and enriching. Design. Now I am no expert, lets get that fact straight. I am an almost high school graduate, almost college freshmen with only four years of Adobe software skills under my belt. This blog is not exactly meant for tutorials, unless I just feel like making one. It is about the journey and all who want to go on the journey with me. It’s about epiphanies and questions and experiences. I am traveling a path that so many others are trying to take, but finding hidden routes and dirt roads that will take me somewhere awesome. The blog is for people, like me, who want to paint the future on a canvas made of pixels and code. Well, I started to get fancy there. Maybe I should tone it down a little. Here is my blog,
get ready to see the awesomeness.


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