ABC Food Photoshoot

So there were quite a few things I had to do to complete this project. First, gathering the food was a hassle. I decided to create my masterpiece with all healthy foods. Which I quickly learned was a mistake since they tend to lack color.



My other mistake was lighting and the choice of plates. The light gave off a ghastly yellow hue, and the glow of the lamp was noticeably reflected in the picture. I did, however, try to change the lighting until I got something was at least easy to look at.



What I did do right was put in the effort. The result may not be as professional as I would like it to be, but I am still new to the concept of lighting, or at least artificial lighting. I used my creative skills to peace together something that I can ultimately be proud of.


Of course at the end of my work I made a salad out of almost all of the items that I used (this picture was taken near the beginning of the process, the salad I actually ate looked inedible). It was possibly the strangest tasting thing I’ve ever had. Every bite had an explosion of flavors, every bite was different. Thinking back on it- I have no clue how I ate that thing.


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