Web Design is Not for the Weary

Web design is easier than it looks.

Until about five minutes later, when it turns into quantum physics.

Everything could be going smoothly but in just a few short minutes it feels like the internet broke.

I tried creating a homepage slideshow in CSS. Well, who knew the animations and key frames wouldn’t work AT ALL.

I know that it is preferable to use JavaScript for something like this, but I am not well versed in that area yet.

Then again…I’m not well versed in web design period(.)

Ha. Me and my first world problems.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 8.37.29 AM


Absolute Zero

I was working on a Gravity Parody for my Television Productions class and let’s just say the results are much less than favorable. It’s so awful that I almost couldn’t turn it in. Lost nearly half of my footage and the quality of the Photoshop documents somehow decreased. WHAT THE WHAT! Just…no. I know people say that you should never turn in something that you are not proud of, but when you are a high-school student pressed on time the quality is sometimes tossed onto the back burner.