Wow it’s been a while

So a lot has happened. 

And I mean a lot.

Yet still I didn’t write in my blog.

The first week that I didn’t write I simply didn’t have any new ideas. I thought about writing about my chosen college, but then who would care right? The next week I thought about a cool comparison topic. How EDM is like graphic design. I formulated my ideas for a week and then decided to hold that entry for another time. The next week I completed two different photography projects that I wanted to write about. Time just got away from me, you know *cough* *cough* laziness *cough*.

Then more time passed, a bunch of things happened, and here I am. Writing about how I should have been writing.

I should just keep up with this blog the way I wanted to. I shouldn’t care whether or not people want to read it because I created this to be like a journal of experiences that relate to my future career. If I keep that in mind I should be fine. It’s all about motivation and perseverance…right?

Okay random piece of news. I’ve chosen West Chester University as my school- Go Rams!- and I’ve decide to change my major.

Instead of a boring BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design…


Drum roll please


…I’m going to major with a BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design AND a BS in computer science!