My first smartphone?

I was way behind my peers when it came to owning expensive technology. When everyone had a texter phone, I had the house phone. When everyone had the Iphone 3, I had a tracphone. Being lower middle class in an area where everyone is rich a sucks. You have to save up money for years just to buy something that will be out of style by the time you get it. It sucks, but it also helps you appreciate the things you have more. It isn’t until the summer of 14′ that I got a smartphone. I remember unpacking my LG Optimus F3 and looking at it in all its affordable glory. Just having the phone wasn’t enough however, I spent the next week looking for new apps and ringtones and wallpapers.

Man, to finally have one of these things that everyone is always talking about. Those perfect distractions that allow people to avoid eye contact and social interaction. The things that can harbor any kind of app you can imagine to make your life easier. Yes, the joy of a smartphone.

The best thing about having one is the ability to take decent picture wherever you go. It’s fantastic! And the thing that makes it even more fantastic is…


IMG_20140630_172405 IMG_20140702_124036 IMG_20140824_184520

My God, being a narcissist is easier than ever before! Now I don’t have to put in time and effort to write a blog about myself, or talk about myself in person! It’s perfect. It’s genius. It’s INSTAGRAM.

Sorry, this is probably old new to every single person reading this blog entry, but I’m still excited a year later. Unfortunately, me and my LG F3 are soon to part ways. It’s less-than-optimal internal storage is beginning to become a burden. I bid you farewell phone. I hope the cousin that I give you to takes good care of you.


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